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The Anchor Group is a premier B2B strategic advisory and technology firm focused on enhancing business infrastructure and unlocking growth for North America and Caribbean clients. Three of our primary areas of focus are TECHNOLOGY, HEALTHCARE, and EDUCATION & LEARNING MANAGEMENT.

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The Anchor team has decades of combined professional experience in our targeted sectors. We will work closely with you to solidify your growth strategy and implement processes and solutions to enable operational excellence and high, globally ready financial practices.


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Anchor continues to broaden our reach with a new fully staffed office in Kingston, Jamaica.  A global stream was broadcasted LIVE just in time for the holidays on January 6th, 2022.

Bahamas Judiciary Integrated Case Management System

Bahamas Judiciary Integrated Case Management System

Our technology team is excited to partner with the Judiciary of the Bahamas to modernize its case management system to improve swift justice for all its citizens. The Anchor Team is setting up training for 200 judiciary staff members.

Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment

Our assessments help you strategically review your readiness levels.

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering

Experience the target impact of Anchor services in designing optimized business processes.

business quality

business quality

ANCHOR is committed to sharing your organization’s quality, culture, and state. Together we can create a work plan to maximize business and measure growth.



Anchor’s commitment to success is vested in providing top-quality products, excellent customer service, and taking care of your greatest assets, the people – within the organization and community.

business success

business success

Anchor’s trademark approach to measuring success stems from our ROES system. This involves a comprehensive and reflective approach to develop a Culture of Measurement.

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Anchor currently holds offices in New York - Bahamas - Jamaica

Kevin A. Howell, MBA Director
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin possesses strong international expertise in business, financial management, business strategy development, project management, and analysis. Kevin has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and small and mid-sized businesses, assisting with strategy, process management, and development.

Nakeisha J. Forbes Director

Understanding the unique marketing, communications, and branding challenges organizations face, Nakeisha Forbes has fused a decade of marketing experience into her career as a public relations and brand strategist.

Damian Howell, FCCA, FCA, MAAT Director
Chief Financial Officer

Damian is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years in the financial services industry and has held positions such as Chief Internal Auditor, Chief Financial Controller, General Insurance Claims Manager, and Pension Fund Administrator.

Nalisha Brown Lead consultant

Nalisha Brown is the founder and lead consultant at Q Squared Ltd. She has 17 years experience in the Quality Assurance field and possesses a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Masters Degree in Construction Management from the University of the West Indies.




Anchor Strategy is our division that designs winning structures and frameworks for our clients and assists them with executing these strategies.

Anchor Digital

The Anchor Group’s technology division, Anchor Digital, is a strategic solutions company with a focus on bridging technology gaps in the Caribbean. Our solutions range from human resources, digital migrations to security, and compliance tools.


Anchor Learning

Enhance your learning remotely with our custom solutions for business and educational platforms. Our extensive catalog covers a broad range of topics including Human Resources, Data Security, Governance, and Banking.


Anchor HealthXChange

With a pulse on global wellness, the HealthXchange is a go-to resource to improve customer experience, increase workforce productivity, and realize program and revenue growth.

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    Monday, March 20, 2023
    Media Inquiries: Sharon Leid


    Anchor Group Launches CARESTAR Awards 2023 to Recognize Home Health Care Workers

    New York, NY — The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the critical importance of the healthcare industry, bringing to the forefront the essential role of home healthcare workers, who often work behind the scenes and receive inadequate recognition. These workers provide essential care to the most vulnerable populations, including the elderly, adults, and children with disabilities, sometimes risking their health and welfare.

    Despite being front-line workers, they are often undervalued and receive low wages, with almost half of the direct caregiver workforce living near the poverty line or relying on public assistance programs, according to data from PHI. To honor their contributions and those of other post-acute care workers, the Anchor Group is launching the CARESTAR Awards 2023.

    The CARESTAR Awards 2023 is an event in August that will recognize the significant contributions of home care workers in New York. The event aims to raise awareness of the vital role that home health aides play in the healthcare industry and society as a whole. The Anchor Group's CEO, Kevin Howell, emphasizes, “We can't minimize home care workers; their contributions are woven into the success of New York." The 2023 award highlights home healthcare workers' dedication and hard work, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they have been essential in caring for the most vulnerable populations.

    The Anchor Group has partnered with CABS Health Network, JASACare, Caribbean Times, RDE PROS, and the House of D’Marsh to make the CARESTAR Awards 2023 a success. The press event to launch the awards will occur on Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 10 am at the Brooklyn Public Library - Kings Bay Branch, located at 3650 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229.

    Ms. Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson, CEO of CABS Health Network, added, "The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of home healthcare workers in providing critical care and support to vulnerable populations. We must ensure these workers are treated fairly and compensated appropriately for their essential services. The CARESTAR Awards are an excellent opportunity to honor and celebrate their contributions to our communities."

    Svetlana Goykhberg, Registered Nurse and the Executive Director of JASACare stated, "Home healthcare workers are the unsung heroes of the healthcare industry. They provide compassionate and skilled care to patients in the comfort of their homes, often forming close bonds with their patients and families. It is time for us to recognize and appreciate their invaluable contributions to our society."

    The CARESTAR Awards 2023 is a significant step in recognizing the essential role of home healthcare workers. With their critical contributions to society, home healthcare workers deserve the recognition and appreciation that they rightfully deserve. The Anchor Group hopes that this recognition will lead to fair treatment for these workers in the public's eyes and the agencies they work for. To learn more about the CARESTAR Awards, visit https://carestaraward.com/

    About Anchor Group:

    The Anchor Group is a solutions firm focused on process improvement and workforce optimization. The company supports its clients with strategy and marketing program development and enhancement, digital transformation services, and workforce management software. For more information, visit their website at https://www.anchorgroupcorp.com/