“Anchor is proud to join catalysts for change through The Bahamas ICMS blueprint. Our commitment to the people and judicial process are paramount. This is a historic and vital resource for everyone.”

– Kevin Howell, MBA CEO, Anchor Group at The Bahamas Judiciary Court Modernization & Reform Initiative (COMRIN) Press Conference, December 16, 2020.

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The Anchor Group.

The Anchor Group is a premier B2B advisory and business-development firm focused on enhancing infrastructure and unlocking business growth in the Caribbean region in the targeted sectors that we serve. We focus on expanding Caribbean-based businesses into North America and the global emerging markets.

The Anchor team has over 100+ years of combined professional experience in our targeted sectors. We will work closely with you to solidify your growth strategy and implement processes and solutions to enable operational excellence and high, globally ready financial practices.


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    With the ongoing pandemic, banks are either thriving, struggling to survive, or accelerating technology efforts to improve operational efficiency and business continuity. It is with this in mind that the Anchor Group and the Caribbean Association of Banks (CAB) wish to assist the financial sector to manage their risk and efficiency as the challenges continue to broaden.

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