Business Process Re-engineering

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Experience the target impact of Anchor services when it comes to BPO.  We are committed to creating an alignment with your organization’s strategy + growth goals.

Our client’s business models and strategies are not static. These changes occur due to new regulations, competition, and share inertia in their organizations. Our approach to defining the “future or To-Be” state is anchored in the strategic priorities of the client’s organization and its interaction with internal and external realities that impact these priorities. Defining the current state, establishing the desired state, and determining the gap in a strategic, functional, segment, or product level requires adequate stakeholder engagement.

The success of a re-engineering process is tied to buy-ins from key stakeholders engaged through clarity of objectives, the right tone from the top, continuous communication, and appropriate avenues for two-way dialogue.

Key elements of the process re-engineering process

Scoping Project Parameters & Priorities
Studying Existing Infrastructure

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Systems & Infrastructure Review
  • SWOT & Alignment Analysis

Staging Solutions

  • Solutions Recommendations
  • Stakeholder Validation
  • Solutions Prioritization
  • Stakeholder Synthetisation & Training

Scoping Project Parameters & Priorities

The importance of this activity cannot be overstated, and it will ensure that any project starts with the proper alignment between Anchor and the client’s project team. Understanding the sponsor’s mission is critical to the success of any strategic and functional program development, transformational organizational activities, and the development of cohesive SOPs that will support achieving the objectives.

Studying Existing Infrastructure

The Anchor team has significant experience reviewing strategy, businesses, programs, and program documents for several types of organizations—government agencies, not-for-profit, social, and for-profit. We engage in a series of reviews of the current state and desired state to establish the gaps and opportunities for transforming our client’s organizations. We review current legal and operational documentation, including but not limited to strategic and business plans, organizational charts, roles and responsibilities, financial statements, board of director reports, audit reports, and any documentation that gives insight into your operations. This project’s phase usually includes one-to-one interviews, surveys, and focus groups to better understand different perspectives and intents.

Staging Solutions

We utilized a strategic and data-driven approach to examine an organization’s current state, desired future state, and invariably its gap to accomplish its priorities. Once recommendations are established, we engage key stakeholders to assess and validate these solutions and decide short-term to long-term priorities given resource constraints. The goal is always to develop solutions that can result in quick wins, as this supports buy-in from stakeholders, increasing the potential for medium-term and long-term success. Key stakeholders must be sensitized or trained in the new solution. The ability of executives and managers to sell the new framework or solution is critical, thus requiring

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