CareStar Awards

The CareStar Awards recognizes and highlights the work and contributions of the home-based and community health workers and professionals. The concept started with a focus on home health aide—the need to bring greater awareness of the importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem.

Who Are CareStars?

The CareStar Awards recognize and highlight the work and contributions of the community health workers—our inaugural award in 2022 will focus on the home health aide. We want to bring greater awareness of the importance of the home care industry to the New York medical ecosystem. Shining the light on home health aides is critical to the industry’s sustenance, recognizing their invaluable work and commitment to delivering quality care to clients and their families.

CareStar honorees:

  • Exemplify extraordinary commitment to clients and families while following company policies and procedures
  • Show compassion, empathy, and respect in the delivery of quality care for clients and families
  • Acknowledge and meet the unique physical, emotional, and practical needs of clients and families
  • Improve the quality of life for clients and families


While many people are still unaware or devalue the contribution of the over 450,000 HCWs—Home Health aides and Personal Care Assistants in NYC and Long Island, the Anchor Group, in collaboration with several industry partners, presents the CareStar Awards 2020.

The CareStar Awards 2022 recognizes the critical roles and contributions of HCWs to our communities, caring for clients and supporting their aging in place, thereby allowing their families to continue to engage in their daily professional and social lives. In short, HCWs are pivotal to the productivity working of NYC and its health care system.


Home-based and community healthcare workers and professionals have been critical to supporting continuous care for children, seniors, disabled individuals, and other vulnerable groups in New York City, helping to reduce the cost of health and long-term care. Healthy-in-place individuals are critical to managing institutional care in acute and post-acute environments. Community health workers and professionals are integral to reducing hospitalization and other complications associated with poor medication adherence. The Anchor Group, through its HealthXchange Division, will be executing a series of activities focused on enhancing the quality of talent in the community health care realm.


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