Mission & Vision

Bright futures include competitive positioning, and superior returns for our clients.

Mission & Vision

The Anchor Group is committed to helping our clients build cutting-edge growth strategies, implement processes and solutions to enable operational excellence with a cost-efficient focus to maximize return on investment (ROI).  We are equipped to solve today’s evolving business challenges for businesses and governments in developing and emerging markets.  Our solutions are packaged to support strategy development, digitization, talent and customer management, and co-op innovation.


At Anchor, we create opportunities for businesses and governments to shift their mindsets, expand their horizons, and build disciplined and innovative approaches to maximizing ROI and achieving sustainability.

Our seven core values.

  1. Leadership – Staying ahead of our industries through knowledge aggregation. Our team values research, content-sharing, and learning.
  2. Innovative – Creating new and unique opportunities. We are constantly building new methods and paths that are aligned with the evolving needs of the future.
  3. Accessibility – Providing access and competitively priced options. We measure the success of our business by the number of lives impacted by the use of our services.
  4. Meritocratic – Rewarding and valuing work. Equity at Anchor is connected to attitude and aptitude towards quality work. We recognize the widow’s might, and we position each employee with the right set of resources to win.
  5. Inclusiveness – Ensuring our team mirrors our clients and partners. Culturally-sensitive service delivery is a core strategy.
  6. Loyalty – Keeping our promises; our word is our bond. Our clients, partners, and staff can depend on us.
  7. Honesty –Upholding a balanced and transparent culture. We strive to be the best we can be; we are always open to open feedback and foster accountability.


A globally known and respected bridge for creating linkages and innovative models that build communities and measurably impact the lives of underserved and vulnerable groups.

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