Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy

Our global client base spans industries, so we’ve learned to fine-tune our processes and quality control requirements to world-class standards. Anchor understands business development. Building a marketing strategy involves understanding your organization’s products and revenue models, target customers, and fulfillment infrastructure—including employees and external stakeholders such as vendors and market partners.


With dynamic leadership. Anchor Group’s solutions help organizations evolve to achieve their missions and visions. Our extensive, data-driven research, inventiveness, and people-centric methods work together to reduce risk and maximize project stability with thorough assessments. As a team, we’ve worked on several large-scale projects, and each project gets the individual attention required.

The Anchor 7-P model guides our strategic marketing projects. A marketing strategy roll-out follows the following steps:

  • Execute project kick-off and Inception.
  • Initiate brainstorming sessions to understand the organization’s mission, vision, goals, and strategies.
  • Review of organizational material, marketing program, delivery, and fulfillment infrastructure to determine the organization’s SWOT.
  • Re-establish or redefine revenue and business model
  • Develop a marketing strategy covering conventional and digital programs and identify an opportunity for infrastructure optimization to support the business model.
  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation program to facilitate real-time tracking of the level of success.
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