Corporate & Strategy Advisory

Anchor Group Corp

Corporate & Strategy Advisory

At Anchor, we provide clients with various corporate and strategic solutions. Whether they are looking to streamline their entire organization, develop or optimize a strategic or functional area, or expand or better manage a particular service, product, or segment of their business, we have developed a tested model that can help these clients win.

Core services offered in this areas include:

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Needs & Economic Assessment
  • HRM Assessment, Evaluation, and Advisory
  • Market & Product Development Services
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Corporate Training

We are a team of senior leaders who have recognized the need for more robust consulting offerings and have committed to being thought leaders, optimization-focused, and solution-specific providers. We take a client-centric approach, working collaboratively to develop proven growth strategies and implement processes and solutions focused on operational excellence and ROI maximization.

Execution Methodology

When we provide strategic services to clients, utilize our 7P framework to understand the organization’s total value—a combination of its internal assets and market positioning. The two most sensitive internal assets of an organization are its customers and workforce; equality is the core infrastructure critical for the engagement of these two sensitive groups. Market positioning is a review of the level of placement of the organization and the strength of its networks—vendor, strategic relationships, and other vital stakeholders.

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