About our Assessments

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About our Assessments

The Anchor assessments examine the level of maturity of an organization is crucial strategic and functional areas. The Assessments are built on a circular principle that great organizations continuously evaluate, measure, and tweak.

We leverage the philosophy that an organization that wins establishes a comprehensive plan and KPIs, assigns the appropriate teams to manage and execute these plans, tracks, and report on the level of success, and establishes the adequate mechanisms to re-align from deviation.

Our assessments are segmented into four categories—the AYCE ROES model. The ROES model focuses on managing the sustenance and creation of value in a company.

ROES Categories Groupings of Assessments
R Revenue Revenue, Profitability, Revenue Booster, Customer Optimizer
O Operations Talent Optimizer, Risk Management, Price Optimizer, Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity, Information Security & Data Management, Value-Based Assessment, and Workplace Management
E Expansion Capital Access, Innovation, Market Growth, and Technology
S Succession Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Alliance & Partnership, Retirement Planning

The model is talent and customer-centric, highlighting that an enhanced employee experience improves product and service delivery quality and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction fosters loyalty, which leads to more significant revenue from repeat purchases and referrals.

Assessment Options

Scoring Methodology

An individual can get one of three scores—positioned for growth, positioned for loss, and positioned for stagnation.

Position for Growth A participant with an overall score of 80-100 points is assigned to the Position for Growth report.
Position for Stagnation A participant with an overall score of 56-79 points is assigned the Position for Stagnation report.
Position for Loss A participant with 0-55 points is assigned the Position for Loss report.
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