Website Development


Website Development

The Anchor team appreciates the importance of a robust digital presence. We provide our clients with modern web CMS arming them with the tools to win and engage customers across digital channels. With the solution, the client will be able to:

  • Create and manage content efficiently with inline drag-and-drop editing, requiring no help from your web team
  • Reduce the time it takes to build responsive websites and mobile apps, and enable your marketing team to produce mobile-friendly content faster than ever before
  • Connect with citizens and deliver consistent experiences across the web, email, mobile and social media with the help of easy to use built-in tools

One of the primary CMS we use is WordPress. Our web development team will work to ensure that your site setup is secured by implementing several security measures

Utilization of Secure WordPress Hosting

Implementation of Latest PHP Version

Clever Usernames and Passwords

Modify rights of WordPress Admin

Utilization of Two-Factor Authentication

HTTPS – SSL Certificate

Hide WordPress Version

Disable XML-RPC

Hardening wp-config.php

Implement HTTP Security Headers

Implement WordPress Security Plugins

Configure advanced Database Security

Secure Connections

Implement advanced File and Server Permissions

Disable Editing in Dashboard

Prevent Hotlinking

Always Take WordPress Backups

Implement DDoS Protection

Our website program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Appealing, interactive, accessible, and responsive design.
  • Common theme and consistent design throughout.
  • Visibility of company’s names, branding, and logos
  • Accessible content management system (CMS).
  • Secure site and design that adhere to security best practices.
  • Prominence of standard page options to ensure the flow
  • Search engine-friendly and advanced search capability will automatically deliver results according to user-input keywords and phrases, highlighting the keywords/phrases with duplicated results.
  • Social media integration capabilities.
  • User feedback/interaction
  • PHP’s mail function.
  • Adequate spam control.
  • Reasonable average load-time.
  • Optimized for the central/popular types of electronic devices.
  • Capabable of allowing for regularly updated content such as videos, latest news announcements, and articles.

Anchor team will manage the client’s relationship, maintenance of the software after implementation. The Anchor team will coordinate and manage the change process, including but not limited to communication strategy advisory, training development, delivery, and management, milestone management and tracking, resistance management, feedback management, project win acknowledgment program, and post-implementation review. Our web design team will focus on:

  • Standard Design Features
  • A Strong Home Page to encourage user engagement
  • Include Social Media Icons to encourage social media engagement
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