Value-Based Readiness Assessment


Value-Based Readiness Assessment

The Anchor value-based assessment is a barometer that any health care business can use to assess its infrastructure quickly, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations on improving operational efficiencies, managing risks, safeguarding company assets, enhancing revenue, and improving quality care.

Often, there are misconceptions about the meaning of value-based for customer care and organizational sustainability. The Value-Based Readiness Assessment was created to guide healthcare organizations to build a culture of measurement and drive better health outcomes for clients.

Value-Based is

The New Normal – Adopting a value-based care approach is not just a nice thing to have; it is the new payment mandate.

Integrative Care – Tailored and consistent quality in care delivery is not just the responsibility of the direct care worker; instead, the participation and integration of the activities of all personnel involved in the continuum of care.

Culture Shifting – Each organization making the shift to value over volume model must revamp its posture towards care delivery—there must be a culture shift at the executive level—setting the tone at the top and advancing the overhauling of organizational strategy, business, and revenue models and KPIs.

Translatable in the Operation – Value-based activities should be operationalized through policies and procedures overhaul, revised staffing plans, and definition or redefinition of success at the functional level.

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