• System Selection and Management

  • People Optimization

  • Process Improvement and Management

  • Reporting and Compliance

  • Loan Packaging

  • Grant Proposal Development


FISCAL ADVISORY - The Anchor teams act as a financial advisory support for many of our clients, whether through one-and-one coaching sessions, group training, or consulting support on specific tasks or projects. Insufficient attention to profitability management and tax planning is often the Achilles heel of many small and mid-sized businesses. Key services include:

  • Financial Back-Office Services

  • Capital Access

Our North American division has an emphasis on business-strategy development and execution, fiscal management, leadership coaching, and business training.

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Frequently asked questions

Fiscal Services

Several business managers do not understand the concept of profitability management. These managers do not use their financial statements to aid their decision making. Rather, their financial statements are only seen as tools to meet regulatory expectations. Typically, we help clients in three key areas: Revenue Growth, Cost, and Cash Flow Management. Revenue Growth Revenue growth mandates are typically focused on first understanding the company’s revenue drivers and developing marketing, sales and product initiatives advance growth. Some of the specific areas of focus could include:

  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Brand identity and brand awareness enhancements
  • New product development
  • Industry and competitive research
  • Government Contract Procurement Assistance
  • International Business
Costs Management Cost management is focused on reviewing cost drivers and providing recommendations for cost control and restructuring. Our services include:
  • Procurement, logistics and fulfillment processes
  • Supplier contracts negotiations
Cash flow Management

Our cash flow management services include:

  • Cash flow review and assessment
  • Product pricing and estimation

Financial and Back-office Services

A robust fiscal management system is far more than selecting the best accounting or finding an accountant or bookkeeper. Rather, a Company’s financial back-office should focus on four principal areas. Our Team has developed a back-office support platform for businesses called PEP-up. The goal of PEP-up is to assist businesses to develop the right internal systems. PEP-up has four focused areas: • PEP 1 – System Selection and Management • PEP 2 – People Optimization • PEP 3 – Process Improvement and Management • PEP 4 – Reporting & Compliance Download our PEP-up brochure to learn more about our program.

Capital Access

Growth in many businesses is dwarfed by their inability to access adequate cash to cover working capital needs or invest in new equipment. These companies usually have three main shortcomings in respect of access to capital:

  • Lack of information about available credit options
  • Lack of skills when it comes to creating loan packages for the banks, alternative loan agencies or investors
  • Poor and inadequate fiscal management and reporting
The Anchor team supports client in procuring the funding that your business needs. We have developed relationships with:
  • National, Regional and Community Banks
  • Alternative Loan Agencies
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Angel Investors
We are fully equipped with the expertise and knowledge to help managers with the following services:
  • Financial projections
  • Small Business Association (SBA) and alternative loan packaging
  • Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor introductions
  • Funding process conceptualization to presentation
  • Not-for-profit organizations fundraising and grant proposals
Download brochure for our “GET IT FUNDED” initiative. Fiscal Services: Wins for our Client
  • Secured approximately $500,000 in approval of a $1 million project for the launch of gourmet fresh food market in the South Bronx
  • Developed financial projections for a US$50 million International Health and Fitness company
  • Secured approximately $400,000 for expansion of restaurant in Inwood, NYC
  • Developed financial projections for an entrepreneur in the Bronx, who will be launching a Coffee House and Technology CAFÉ’ with an estimated start-up cost of approximately US$300,000. Additionally, currently providing technical advice about human resources and location selection.

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  • Raised over $5 million debt-capital for small businesses in New York

  • Developed financial projections for an entrepreneur in the Bronx, who will be launching

  • Developed financial projections for a US$50 million International Health and Fitness company

  • Managed retooling several companies accounting systems

  • Developed Business Plan for a number of start-up businesses.

  • Executed market research for several businesses in the retail, food & beverage and professional services sectors


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