Business process management is an integral part of Anchor Digital’s content services. From the moment of implementation, as all your business processes and tasks become connected, VisualVault’s predictive data analytics and machine learning system begins to analyze every task. Administrators with top-level access have at their disposal a system that tracks all business processes, files, records, and document management tasks, and automatically recommends tasks that should undergo review for potential business process improvement.

Whether full workflow automation is recommended, or a closer look at a specific department’s tasks is required, administrators have all the required information to make tough decisions: data about how your organization works, data for business process optimization consultants, and insights into how to manage records and where to start your business process re-engineering project.

An enterprise content management system is a necessity for organizations looking to optimize files and document management lifecycles and improve business processes. GRM’s cloud-based ECM system has been built with an intuitive interface and a complete suite of data extraction and workflow management software, making it easy for administrators to optimize business processes right from the start.

Whether your organization has legacy IT systems that need to be integrated, or it’s still at the initial stage of digital transformation, getting started with GRM’s ECM is a seamless process. Of course, with the added functionalities of access via mobile devices, a machine learning system, and actionable analytics (predictive data analytics), your organization has at its disposal a content services platform like no other.